Big Mac: Clause 8

“A student just brought me a Big Mac. What should I do?” I sent this message to my son-in-law because he was the only person who knew what I should do.

His response was, “Eat it!”

Sounds odd to you that I need permission to eat a Big Mac? Well, it should, because it is. Even odder, having his blessing to eat it still didn’t convince me. But when he added, “I believe it’s in clause 8 of our bylaws that states a Big Mac may be consumed on a day other than Friday the 13th if said Big Mac is given as a gift and the recipient deserves it.”

That sealed the deal. I deserved it so I inhaled it.

No, there are not really bylaws for our Friday the 13th Big Mac Covenant. But I would’ve suffered huge guilt to secretly consume one behind his back. He’s my Big Mac police. And now he’s jealous.

I owe him one and will invoke clause 8 immediately upon his re-entry into his home state.

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