Books in my head

There are three and a half books bubbling in my head.

At the same time.

A few years ago, I’d have said that would be impossible for me. I’m a very sequential, task-oriented person in my normal, technical life of professing about science. I have even been called ‘anal.’ (I know, hard to believe, but it’s true!) Apparently, the other side of my brain has its own mode of operation: extreme entropy. Utter chaos.

Presently, I’m just swimming in the ideas, bobbing on their waves. OR NOT TO BE is becoming more incredible than I’d ever imagined. SLUDGE just took a turn that I didn’t see coming. And 80 AD just birthed a book-within-a-book. (Not sure how I’m going to pull that one off.)

[I am consciously trying NOT to let a new book start up…stop!]

I’m looking forward to long summer days of writing at my quiet desk, by the window facing the lake, sipping tea and letting the ideas flow. How lucky I am to have these two opposing jobs: in one I think all day; in the other, my brain is free to tell my fingers what to type and I just ride the tide and enjoy the stories.

I am writing the books that I’d love to read. Lucky me.


What do you think of that?

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