Slow runners are runners, too

I ran the Cooper River Bridge Run again yesterday in Charleston. It has been a family tradition for a decade.

This year I didn’t train. At all. I have been busy sitting and exercising my fingers and wrists while tap tap tapping away on edits of my book(s). This has consumed me and caused me to sit. For long periods of time.

Last weekend, I ran five miles, just to make sure I could. I did it. No problem. I’ve been running for more than thirty years. My legs just know how.

Yesterday, I ran 6.2 miles with more than 30,000 others, many of them very fleet of foot and dedicated to getting over that giant bridge as quickly as possible. I, on the other hand, had a far less lofty goal: I simply wanted to succeed in running the entire way. I didn’t want to be a walker.

I ran the whole way. It was hard. It hurt my still weak lungs more than anything else. But it was fun.

My biggest issue (the same complaint I’ve voiced for a decade) was with the ~20,000 walkers in the CRB ‘Run.’ Hey, you walkers, why won’t you get the heck out of the way?

It is standard running etiquette to move to the right when walking. Runners pass on the left. It is simple. Just like driving. For some irrational reason, the walkers on the Cooper River Bridge parade, three- and four-wide, down the middle of the road, forcing a swell of runners to scoot around them–constantly. It causes bottlenecks and injuries. These walkers fancy themselves as runners, yet they stop suddenly in the path of true runners (who don’t walk).

I am nothing like a racer. What I do is jog at a ridiculously consistent pace.

The. Whole. Way.

You know me: I’m the tortoise.

But, slow runners (aka joggers) are runners, too.

So, hey, you walkers? Couldja’ just scoot over? (To the RIGHT. Thanks.)


What do you think of that?

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