A whole lotta nothing

Nothing to say today. It was Tuesday. Just a normal nothing day. Not notable. No need to write a blog post. But, then, I read a buncha posts that were Freshly Pressed and noted that many (most) of those posts were about nothing, so what’s stopping me from posting about nothing?

Today, I taught my class, gave a quiz, graded said quiz–whoop-de-doo. I graded reports, harshly. (Only one good one in the stack.) I met with students, advising, for the Fall. I was asked to do something that I don’t want to do, and asked to wait to decide until Friday, so I’m carrying around a big ‘no’ that will morph magically into a stupid ‘yes’ in 72 hours. I drank a milkshake because I wanted it. A friend told me a secret. That was a good idea. I never tell secrets. I’m a locked vault. Don’t even ask me. I walked my husband (I don’t have a dog). Made and ate a delicious vegetarian panini. Watched Wheel of Fortune and got all the puzzles right.

I didn’t laugh all day long. I also didn’t cry. I didn’t jump up and down. I didn’t lie. I didn’t drive with the top of my convertible down–too much pollen. I didn’t do a crossword puzzle. I didn’t get a speeding ticket. I didn’t fall down. I didn’t shoot a muskrat. I didn’t send or receive a text message, all day long. Banner day.

Maybe tomorrow will be brilliantly fun, funny and interesting. I’ll go to sleep now so tomorrow can get here and show me her glory.


What do you think of that?

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