antibiotics, mucinex, cough syrup, oh my!

The fever was making me weird. My head was boggy, full of fluid, all passageways closed: no oxygen getting in or snot getting out. Bad, bad, heavy head. Bowling ball on my eyebrows. Cotton in my sinuses.

Even my teeth hurt.

But the breaking point was the throat. Sore. Cough drops weren’t cutting it. And a very deep and manly voice came out of me while I taught my brilliant chemistry students.

So, I went to the doctor. Oh, doctor, what power you have. With your little pen and your smart brain you provided the relief that I didn’t believe in.

Antibiotic is whipping the nasty sinus infection.

Mucinex (guaifenesin: 3-(2-ethoxyphenoxy)propane-1,2-diol, C10H14O4) is making the nasty gunk get moving.

Cough syrup with some strong opiate (of course I looked it up: 3-methylmorphine, C18H21NO3 has a bunch of rings, a couple of ethers, an alcohol and an amine group) is making the cough and me go to sleep for eight lovely hours each night.

The fever is gone. I can breathe. The cough is abating. Just waiting for all of the gunk to be gone.


And, by the way, tomorrow is my one year blog anniversary.  ‘Twas a good year. Here’s looking forward to year two–with open sinuses. 8)


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