Call me Ado Annie

I can’t say “no” to things I love to do.

The list of things I love to do is not brief. Here are some of them:

Eat. Run. Laugh. Teach. Bake. Write. Read. Drive the boat with kids laughing on the tube. Ride the jet ski beside Mike. And more, more, more.

One thing I’d like to do, but just cannot, is say “no” when I’m asked to do more on top of the insane pile of things I already signed up to do. In theory, I have the summers “off.” But this summer, like all that came before, is filling up to overflowing. For example, I accepted a position as an AP reader again this summer. I applied to mentor a student researcher this summer. I plan to finish book three this summer. I am toying with registration and perhaps making a presentation at a conference. And I was just asked to teach this summer.

I should say no to the teaching. I really should. It will take up four mornings each week. But I’ll still have afternoons and three day weekends. It’ll be very fast paced and tiring. But I know I will absolutely have a blast. And, even though it will interfere with other plans and make me reorganize and give up any possibility of relaxation, I just cannot close the door on doing something that I love–because life is so short and who knows how long I’ll get to do all of these things that I love to do?

(I am reflective right now because I am editing my love story about Anna, who is dead, and her family, who miss her. Makes me melancholy and eager to live and live and live some more.)

I guess I could say “no,” but it is unlikely when I’m offered opportunities to do more of the things I love to do.

Signed, Ado Annie


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