for the love of numbers

I am a chemistry geek. I love knowing what atoms and molecules make up everything. I love to understand and marvel at it all.

I am also a spelling and grammar freak. Typos and their ilk make me twitch.

But I also love me some numbers. I took extra math courses in college to learn non-Euclidian geometry and to study the Fibonacci numbers just because it was a fun way to stretch my brain out. Yeah. I’m a geek.

Try this one:

a + b is to a, as a is to b

Let b = 1              Find a





I left you some room to work. Did you get it yet? It’s just a bit o’ the old algebra. You can do it.

And when you do, that number is a lovely one. It is golden.

Look it up and see.


12 thoughts on “for the love of numbers

  1. Try this one:

    a + b is to a, as a is to b and b is a abe as abe is to z bebe’ born on z 12th of February, 204 years ago.

    Let b = 1 and let it b, let it b. Find Waldo


    love you geeky cuz!

  2. No. That does not help!
    But your clue did. And since the atomic weight of gold didn’t work (my layman’s attempt to think like a chemist) I googled to see if there was, in fact, a ‘golden number’

  3. a squared = ab + (b squared)
    a squared – b squared = ab
    (a + b)(a – b) = ab
    a= the square root of (a+1)
    hmmmm…. so goldenly dlicious!

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