writers workshop

I have joined a local chapter of the South Carolina Writers Workshop (SCWW) that meets twice each month. The members bring their most recent works to share and critique.

I love it.

My contributions, so far, have been sequential chapters of OR NOT TO BE. It’s kind of cheating because I wrote these chapters years ago and they have been extensively edited. Most of the writers are sharing works that they wrote that week or that day. I could bring chapters from my book that I completed in 2012, or very recent chapters from my WIP which I am quite excited about, but I am enjoying (way too much) watching this group of writers, mostly women, actually enjoy my favorite book in the world (so far).

They laugh at the right places. They express sadness at the right places. They ask all the right questions and some that I never considered. They insisted that I fix the intentionally misleading point of view in chapter 1, and I did. My characters are revealing themselves a bit each meeting to this encouraging, enthusiastic group. Their reactions are thrilling and make me anticipate (with child-like pre-Christmas glee) the day when this book is published.

OR NOT TO BE will be published. I have had encouragement from a number of qualified critics whom I respect. I believe it will happen and one day Anna and Eddie’s story will be out there. When it happens I’ll spill the beans here first, so don’t miss it.

How do I know? Intuition? Encouragement from others? A little birdie?

All of this, and…

My mother is praying for it. When does that ever fail?


4 thoughts on “writers workshop

  1. Great! So thrilled you’re in a group! That’s the proof in the pudding, alright! So many different opinions and suggestions. I love my writer’s group for that, as well. You are definitely on a mission, I hear it in your words. You are driven by a team of Clydesdales and a praying mother. It can’t get much better.

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