ABCDEFG (a pause, he smiles at me because he calls me “G”)


He looks at me with those big brown eyes so I can “hep.” I say Q…? He takes a big breath and half hums to STUV (pause and then loud) DUBAHYOO X Y an’ Z.

He’s a doll.

He can count. Up to about 20.

He knows colors and animals and what they say and a list of dozens of people who love him.

He knows where they live (South Cawawina) and where he lives (Cowawado).

He asks for hugs. He names all of his stuffed animals. He knows “same” and “different.” He is organized and silly. He likes to giggle and he loves trucks.

He is only eighteen months old and he is amazing to me.

So, traveling to Cowawado was worth it and, tomorrow when I go home to “Cawawina,” I’ll be a nice traveler. I promise.


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