It sounded like a jet plane was landing on the back of my car. That was right before my rear tire blew out on the highway today during rush hour.

I was eerily calm as I pulled onto the shoulder. I pushed the little red diamond button. Never used that before. Mine was the little green car on the side of the highway with its flashers on. Sitting half in the tall weeds. Cars and trucks whizzing by like rockets.

I had to get out and verify the blown tire. It wasn’t pretty. I called AAA. They said help was on the way–in one hour. Right before we hung up, the nice lady asked if there was anything else she could do for me and I said, “Don’t make me wait an hour.” That made her laugh.

Thirty minutes later the skinny spare tire was on. It looks like a bike tire but it was strong enough to wobble me home.

The last three days have been full o’ crap. The old universe just keeps lobbing water balloons in my path to see how much I can take. Well, I can take it, you universe, so just back off.

I feel like I am made of glass. Favorite brother says I must remain fierce. Daughter’s life makes my whiny existence look like Little House on the Prairie. Buck up, girl. ‘Taint real glass you’re made of. ‘Tis plexiglass and that stuff is the tough stuff.

Quitcherbellyachin and getbackonthehorse


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