McDonald’s is my kind of place

Now that I’m stopping to take pictures of decimal errors, my driving habits have deteriorated. I made a right turn from the left lane the other day to get this picture. I drive slower in order to read the signs. I stopped at a green light in a right turn lane and waited for a truck to move out of my way to take a picture yesterday. The car behind me was beeping. I got the picture. I figured he could wait. Virtue trumps speed. This blog is virtuous: striving to increase the intellect of humanity by laughing at their errors.

I’m tempted to start including spelling errors. For example, the “Beef ‘N Chedder” at Arby’s almost made a post, but I controlled myself. I figured if I stopped to take that picture, I would have had to go into the restaurant and report the error. We all know the cheese they use isn’t really cheddar.

So when I saw this sign, I did a double take. Almost missed the significance. I almost drove on by, as though these errors weren’t that bad. But then I realized the infinite potential for future material (if their sign guy stays employed).


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