The fun part of writing

I am within a few days of finishing my work in progress. The fun part of writing, letting the characters develop and tell me the story, is drawing to a close. I will soon miss this part of the journey as I move on to editing and releasing the manuscript to my loyal readers/editors.

Finishing this book kept my mind occupied while I queried my other finished manuscript. It kept my mind occupied while my queries swam in the slush.

Each day, as I tackle the final patching, I take the time to read and I am pleased (and surprised) by this story. These characters are all so unlike anyone I have ever met. It was intriguing and a little scary to sneak around in the mind of Curtis, the ex-convict, as he sought revenge on Marty, the narcotics officer who stole his life from him. It was heartbreaking to watch Grace, the neonatal nurse, deal with the increasingly regular deaths, night after night, of the babies in her care. It was sadly funny to watch Sludge, the homeless professor, deal with growing old and the loss of his virility while he still felt so young. And it was uplifting to watch poor Floyd, the loner, lose his job, give up on life, and find a way to fight back.

You see, all of these people, together and apart, are fighting to save humanity and the world from a power which is threatening our species’ ability to reproduce. In a scenario that grew from a seed in my little brain, the world needed them and they all stepped up. The fun part of writing is the adventure of following my characters on their journey.

So, in the next few days, I will complete the first draft of this still-unnamed novel which is sometimes called SLUDGE and sometimes called EARTH CONTROL. Then the work really begins. The editing. As in any enormous project, the last 20% always takes 80% of the time and effort. *Sigh* I’ll try to remember the good ol’ days, the fun part of writing, while I dredge through the editing (and look forward to writing the next book, which is already percolating in my little brain!)


4 thoughts on “The fun part of writing

  1. Good luck with the editing and well done on finishing!
    I’ve just started a new work, as in – just written a rough plot line and started one page, so I’m a long way off the editing yet, but I’m quite excited.
    The characters sound awesome!

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