To decimal, or not to decimal?

I read in C&EN that the Coca Cola Company was aggressively seeking chemical companies which could potentially develop and produce polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or alternative polymer bottles which were not dependent on petroleum for their starting materials. The goal is a bio-bottle! That would be awesome, thought my churning brain as I read along.

Then, just the other day as I was headed home from eating my Big Mac on Friday the 13th (my personal Big Mac holiday), I spotted this sign and it all made even MORE sense! I put it all together and deduced that Coke must need the new polymer because is needs bigger bottles.

And here I thought grocery packaging was shrinking.

I didn’t go into the store to see how big the advertised Coke bottles actually are, but

for $33 per bottle, they must be giant. Wow, indeed.

I wondered, as I often do, whether this might just be a typo. An oversight. Maybe the sign-guy just dropped the missing decimal. Or left it in his pocket, only to find it in the lint in the drier on laundry day, all shriveled and shrunken like so many abandoned decimals.

To test this hypothesis, I thought I should check the other side of the sign.

And sure enough, this store also sells GIANT beer!

Another assumption dashed: I thought Bud Light was cheap beer.

I know what you are thinking. With all this giant food and drink abounding, this chick MUST be in Texas. But, then you are also probably puzzling whether people in Texas are THAT dumb…Well, this ain’t Texas, but the supply of dumb might be infinite.


2 thoughts on “To decimal, or not to decimal?

  1. But Mom. It says “GO GAMECOCKS” on the sign…so why are you so surprised about the missing decimals?? They’ve also lost their marbles!

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