Book Title Help?

I read somewhere that any band could be named from a color and a food.

To quickly name your band, look down and say the color of your pants and then say the last food you ate.

For me, right now, my band name would be Blue Watermelon. Not bad for a band, eh?

However. Naming my next book is not so easy. Want to help me? Here’s the low down on the book. If a title comes to you, lay it on me.

Elory Sludge, a homeless ex-professor and self-proclaimed dirty old man, finds himself embroiled in solving a problem related to the one he ran from years ago when he left his wife and his life. The problem then was overpopulation.  Sustainability. Saving the earth from too many humans.

The problem now? Some unknown power is silently fighting overpopulation by their own methods. They supply drugs unknowingly to unwed moms to prevent future pregnancies. The effects of this drug include sick and dying babies. The same power is testing impotency drugs on the homeless at soup kitchens, in food supplies to third world nations, and in prisons. When this drug finds its way into the soup kitchen frequented by Elory, it hits way too close to home.

A wacky cast of characters, including a one-footed arsonist, a neonatal nurse, a narcotics officer, a power hungry snob, and a chemistry nerd are all involved in stopping up the supply of these substances.

Yeah. This is serious. But my characters are mostly wise-asses, so a bit of humor slips in even in the tensest scenes. I can’t help it. These people are not under my control. Really.

I am trying to choose a representative chapter to post. Soon. Get ready. These people are nuts.


4 thoughts on “Book Title Help?

    1. hee hee…

      I didn’t know that tweed was a color. Isn’t it a fabric? And I have no idea what Nasi Goreng is. Help!

      (At this moment my band would be Grey Catfish. Not sure of their music style either.)

      Maybe there are other ways to name a band. Thanks for trying 🙂

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