When agents have my manuscript in their pending piles

‘Tis hard to breathe. Or think about anything else. I check email and voicemail and Twitter way to much. I agonize when the phone rings and when it does not.

Normal people might not do these things. But I do.

Waiting is hard. But not being rejected yet means that I can still hope.

Hope was earned by hard work, multiple versions of the query letter, and rewarded by advancement from the slush pile to the pending pile. Hope hope hope.

The only time I can stop my time-warped brain from agonizing is when I work on my next book or run a few miles. I’m making good progress and I plan to complete it this summer and spend the fall revising. Running helps me figure out WTH the crazy characters are going to do next or why they are the way they are.

While I wait for the phone to ring, I spend my spare minutes thinking of a name for this untitled WIP. Unlike my first book which has TWO names, this one is still nicknamed “Sludge” after the street name of a main character.

I’ll post a sample chapter in the next few weeks. In the meantime, I have all of my crossable fingers in position and my breath held tight.


11 thoughts on “When agents have my manuscript in their pending piles

    1. PS: I’m so glad I realized that the “subscribe” button didn’t work the first time! I was wondering why you weren’t writing anything…but you were! Woops!

  1. Hang in there! I’m about to start querying, and I will immediately start agonizing about hearing back. Especially since I already have a title =)

      1. No, actually, it is essential. It helps to keep your mind off wondering and worrying about the queries out there in the slush and pending piles.

  2. I understand your anxiety, Lauralanni. I have been in the same boat on several occasions. One would think we’d learn that life is not lived by queries. The request for one or two chapters is not a reason to put our lives on hold. Easier said than done! Keep querying until someone offers a contract – then, you can get anxious!

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