Grammy scored in Lou-ah-vul

[not a chapter]

Two more days and I can leave Louisville, Kentucky and go home. Homesick I am, so home I will go. It took most of the week for me to learn how to pronounce this town.

It is NOT LouEEville.

It is a pretty town, though. The Ohio River is a river that I have never met before. I see the sun rise and set on it every day. Nice.

I didn’t really score like you think I did. This is the catchy T-shirt for AP chemistry graders. We are scoring exams, you see. Millions of them.

Not really millions, but it seems like it. The aides just keep bringing more and more.

And more.

My brain is mush.

On Friday I will go home and see my husband and my lake! It will be one of our anniversaries. Not the Friday the 13th one, though, so no Big Mac.

On the first (and better) leg of my trip, we got to see our grandson. He is the sweetest, smartest kid I know. He knows what a sheep says and where his belly button is. He can play drums, eat pancakes and say “apple.” Can’t wait to get him to hold his tongue someday and say “apple” and see him giggle. But I won’t do it in front of his parents and I will deny I did it afterwards.

That is not respectable behavior from a Grammy, right? [but go ahead and try it!]


What do you think of that?

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